Soboba Casino Concert Series – The Sopranos Movie Night

The SuperSonics 2020 NBA Draft pick, Ty Lawson of the Oregon Ducks, has given his backing to the City of Seattle’s award-winning “Soboba Casino Concert Series.” Soboba is an exquisite Asian-inspired cuisine restaurant in the Central District of Seattle, Washington. It is famous for its superb cuisine, and an eclectic mix of musical guests that grace its open stage. From New Music to Jazz, Rap to Hip Hop, Dance to Latin music, The Sopranos to Hollywood movies, The Sopranos Movie Night is a fully immersive experience in an exciting atmosphere.

soboba casino concert

Guests will dine on raw buffalo meat, hand-cut steak, chicken in coconut milk and other traditional Asian favorites as well as a wide selection of Asian beverages. For the sweet-tooth of the vegetarian there are plenty of vegan dishes. The special drink menu including wines by the glass and a variety of cocktails has been made with unique and creative ingredients, including the line-up of liquors listed below.

Flavors include a unique mixture of Carmelton Wine and a selection of imported and domestic wines. They have a specialty beer with a variety of specialty beers to please everyone’s palate. Specialty cocktails include; Margarita, Hangover, Cappuccino, Cherry Blossom, Lemon Drop, and Rose.

There is also a female DJ known as Suzanne Fielder who will entertain the night with her collection of hip hop hits. Her current tunes range from classics to modern day songs to match the mood of the night.

There is an impressive line up of exceptional jazz musicians who will be playing the stage at this amazing show. Guests can expect a diverse mix of music ranging from classic jazz standards to jazz fusion to contemporary musical covers. There is a talented group of musicians playing, with the talents of: Tom Cross, Leandro Moreno, Robert Arthur, Henry Ovard, and John D’Angelo.

Another jazz musician for the night is Suzanne Fielder, a member of the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra and one of the most sought after vocalists in the Pacific Northwest. Her style ranges from sultry ballads to energetic rap songs, blending with classical and jazz arrangements.

One of the highlights of the evening will be the performances of brass band music that features: Frank Rediske, Michael Mead, and Mark Kistler. These performers have performed in hundreds of venues across the United States and overseas. This is their first time performing in the Pacific Northwest.

The Soboba Casino Concert is the perfect way to end the evening. It is a professional entertaining show with a fun mood that will leave you wishing for more.