Grand Opening of Soboba Casino in Gurgaon

soboba casino grand opening

Grand Opening of Soboba Casino in Gurgaon

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team of Grand Opening partners at the new Soboba Casino & Resort in Gurgaon, India. We’re delighted to announce that this is going to be a once in a lifetime moment for Indian casino gaming. With great success, the gambling space will hopefully set the standard for casinos around the world and give the country a new world class brand name in the industry.

Now let’s go over some of the other news related to the opening of the Soboba Casino & Resort – a renowned Indian multi-level entertainment destination. First, the staff is, by far, one of the best in the industry, with excellent customer service.

They are being followed by the IBM partnership, who are providing brand new iPods for Gamblers with frequent, long-term customers as well as VIP customers. According to sources, the iPods will be given away at certain Gamblers’ events as well as promos in the lobby. There will also be electronic clocks for guests. The iPods have already been available in various outlets for a while, however they were not well received by the gaming community.

With the new units, Gamblers will be treated to a satellite dish service. We expect to see some staff handing out menus with satellite dish and Microwave cooking services. It’s a fascinating opportunity to get all this service for a small fee. It’s really no wonder that Soboba is wanting to make this happen.

The lobby has been completely re-engineered and it features several green spots, which will serve to attract gamblers and help promote the grand opening. The hotel is very well-maintained and equipped with CCTV surveillance to watch the various areas. Customers can also enjoy the facility of using the washing machines and dryers in their room as well as in their lobby, if they so desire. Due to the large crowd, guests have been able to witness the presence of the bar and the business program. Some great deals will be introduced at the opening of the business program, however the grand opening of the casino and the live gaming is being kept under wraps for security reasons.

This is really a unique opportunity for the hospitality industry in India, with Gamblers from all over the country visiting the Soboba Casino. What a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet your visitors!